Welcoming ELC-P3 pupils on Monday 22nd February 2021

We are very much looking forward to welcoming back our ELC – P3 pupils to face to face schooling on Monday 22nd February as per the recent Scottish Government announcement. Please feel reassured we are following all health and safety protocols and measures to continue to ensure the safety and learning of our pupils and staff.

We hope the return will follow a similarly successful pattern as our return last August and that we can get all our children happy, safe and feeling ‘back at home’ asap. We would really appreciate your assistance with continuing to follow our safety measures i.e. fresh clean uniform daily, no toys brought from home, bring own stationery if possible, no parents/carers within the school grounds etc. Timings and routines will be the same for pupils as last term so they will all be very familiar with this. The entrance and exits for each class ELC – P3 will be the same, and their teacher(s) will be there to support them with everything and get back in the swing of things. School lunches and routines will be the same as term 2 i.e. 1 hot meal option and 1 cold meal option with classes continuing to make use of our dining hall and general hall to ensure year groups remain within their bubbles during these times. Please provide a break time snack initially and we will up date you on this service next week.

Safety around our school – We are very thankful to all our parents/carers that work with us and support us to keep all our children safe. It is parent/carer responsibility to adhere to the guidance with respect to traffic, road safety and general consideration for our lovely community we are lucky to live within. Please follow the Highway Code and follow the local speed limits. Avoid stopping to drop off or pick up on any of the road markings indicating areas this is not permitted. Be mindful of our neighbours when parking in surrounding streets/ areas. The car park is for staff use only or disabled access. The pathway to the front office gate is for access only and no loitering is permitted at any time particulary due to the width of the path and to be able to socially distance while getting to the destination safely. We appreciate the front and back gates become busy at drop off and pick up times and would encourage you to wear a face covering if possible, keep a 2m distance from each other, move away after your child is here to allow the others to drop or collect also, and use both sides of the street to avoid conjection where possible. Please be reassured we will have staff within the playground just before bell times to monitor and support our children once they arrive with us or are ready to leave. ELC parents/carers are still able to walk through the grounds to reach the ELC and sign their child in or out safely.

Breakfast provision and Out of School Care will currently only operate for those families of keyworkers or idenitified children as we are currently running. We will update you asap on any changes for this.

We will continue to provide care for any pupils in P4-P7 as part of our Keyworker/identified pupils who have a place and participate in their learning online with their peers learning at home. We continue to support our P4-P7 pupils online with their virtual schooling and look forward to further Scottish Government announcements on when they will return to the school building safely also.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all as parents/carers for doing the most wonderful job of being everything and everyone to our children during these challenging times, for supporting us and trusting us, your patience and acceptance that we staff are going through this all too, and for continuing to play your part to keep us safe as a school community! You genuinely have been absolute stars!! Not forgetting to mention the real stars through all of this again so far – our Lochardil Primary young people! Our whole purpose for doing what we do and who have shown us more resilience and positivity than we could have imagined! Love is our core value and throughout this whole experience it has been in abundance! Here’s to our next stage of the learning journey full of fun, excitement, and the sound of bells again!

Happy weekend!