Welcome Back P6/5

It has been lovely to see lots of smiley faces back in school after the October break. P6/5 have got straight back into the swing of things, with lots of hard work already this week.

Our new topic for term 2 is ‘Scots who changed the world’.

P6/5 have had group discussions to decide who they would like to learn more about.

This week we have started to learn about Mary Seacole. She looked after wounded and sick soldiers during the Crimean War. Her Dad was Scottish and her Mum was Jamaican.

The children worked in groups to research the work of Mary Seacole and then made posters to share their learning.
I am always so impressed with how well this class work together on projects like this. Excellent co-operative learning and team work!

We studied the work of expressionist artist Alma Thomas and created our own art inspired by her colourful style. Alma believed that creativity should be independent of gender or race.

Busy creating masterpieces!

In PE, P6/5 enjoyed skipping to music. There was lots of competition to see who could skip for the longest without stopping.