Unplanned Fire Alarm

Yesterday we had a wintery start to the week with an unplanned fire alarm in the morning. Well done to all the pupils, staff and visitors for evacuating the building promptly and safely, and for their patience whilst we waited on the Fire Brigade to arrive, assess the situation, and give us the all clear to return safely to the building. This did take a little time and I am aware that a number of pupils and adults did feel the chill. However, in this instance, the issue was recorded as a system fault as there was no sign of fire on the premises, and I am confident we followed procedure correctly to ensure the safety of all.

As always these drills allow us to improve our performance and with that we noted a few issues. The most relevant was the FOOTWEAR of the children. Please could you ensure you child has a pair of indoor shoes in school at all times – gym shoes or indoor trainers. We appreciate that slippers are comfy for the children however, as seen today they are not practical and therefore, will no longer be accepted as a form of indoor footwear. Please also ensure your child (no matter what age or stage) has a change of clothes available with them i.e. outfit, socks and underwear, particularly coming in to these wet and cold wintery months.

Also, any visitors to the school must report to fire point 5 and remain there. Any drop offs e.g. Nursery pupils (as this alarm coincided with the changeover of our Nursery pupils), pupils returning from appointments, lunch etc. must remain at the outside gate and NOT enter the school grounds until a member of staff shares it is safe to do so.

Many thanks for your support with this. Pupil, staff and visitor safety is paramount!