Underpants, race tracks and painted faces

This week , Primary 5s blog is brought to you by George M and Lilly.

This week we were at the cinema to see CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. We went with the Primary 2 class. On Tuesday we prepared our writing  on World War One. On Thursday we learned about perimeter and area.  We learned that perimeter is the outline and area is the inside of the perimeter.     In maths, we also learned a new game.  It involves speeding round a race track answering times table questions.  Record holders:  Lilly with  15 seconds for the 5 times table and Hamish with 50 seconds for the 2 times table. On Friday it was dress down day for Children in Need.  Here are a list of stalls we have – beat the goalie, nail painting, lucky dip, bake sale, facepaint, raffle, button stacking and Pudsey.  It was a really fun day.   Thanks for reading. Bye!