Lost Property

Lost Property September 2016

Lost Property is located in clearly marked boxes in reception, next to the door leading out towards the P6/7 classrooms.  Children and parents are welcome to look through these boxes for any items they have lost.

Many items belonging to the children, from polo shirts, jumpers, coats, lunch bags and water bottles to hair bobbles, purses, toys and even homework, do find their way to lost property.   Sometimes it takes a while for these lost or misplaced items to find their way to Lost Property and so it is worthwhile to keep looking.

The school captains have very kindly agreed to help out with Lost Property, alongside Mrs Murray and parent volunteer Caroline Leitch.  The captains will on occasion help return named items whenever possible.

Unfortunately the school has limited space and lost items cannot be held indefinitely. The Lost Property boxes will, therefore, be cleared out at the end of each term and items will either be recycled, sent to charity or, if necessary, binned.

To ensure Lost Property is kept to a minimum, please clearly label as many items as possible that your child brings into school.

Many thanks.