Science in the Atrium – Quantum Wonderland

Science in the Atrium Poster 24 Aug 18 v3KM

Science in the Atrium is here again – the last in the series for this year with something really special.

Quantum Wonderland by Professor Erika Andersson from Herriot Watt University, based on one previously given at a New Scientist “Quantum” event in London in 2017.

One might think that quantum mechanics is irrelevant to our daily lives, that it will only matter at the fuzzy scale of individual atoms, in elaborate experiments dreamt up by crazed scientists and performed in highly specialised laboratories. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are all using quantum mechanics in our daily lives. Without quantum mechanics, we would not have computers, mobile phones, lasers, MRI scanners, or GPS. But quantum mechanics also continues to be a source of fascinating, mind-bending paradoxes and philosophical puzzles. This talk will attempt to offer you a glimpse of the Quantum Wonderland, and what we might be using new “quantum technology” for in the future.