Primary 4/5 weekly post

There has been a lot happening this week…..again! Do we ever stop??

Last Friday we had Thinking Day for all the organisations. They looked good in their outfits representing Brownies, Beavers and Cubs in our class.

Happiness Day was fun, with all the lovely favourite clothes and colours, and things that make us happy! Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Health and Well-being event on Wednesday as well. It was heartening to see so much support. It meant a lot to the stressed out HWB working group of teachers who organised the daytime and evening events. A HUGE thanks to Miss Graham, Miss Munro and Miss MacDonald!

We made Cartesian Divers in science. The children all have to make one for homework (hence no follow up task for the spelling) this week for a class competition. All the details are in the literature I’m sending home on Friday with your Key Assessment Task. Mrs Kellacher will be judging their efforts. You are encouraged to work together with your child if you wish, but try not to do too much!!!! Very hard…

In sign language we were doing bingo with members of the family, which was a lot of fun. We have learnt the numbers too. Ask the children….it’s really easy!

In Maths the primary 5s are working hard on extending their skills with fractions, decimals and percentages…

…whilst the primary 4s are looking at how to do a chimney  multiplication sum.


The open session for this month is on the 13th March (9:15 – 10:00.) This has been brought forward so our stalls will only be partially ready, as we will be doing the official World Fayre for the rest of the school later in the term. However, as it turns out, I was supposed to be having a science focussed session anyway! So we will show you our Cartesian Divers and you can have a look at what we have got ready, so far, for the Fayre. A work in progress!

The highlight of the week for me, was when we played ‘Teacher Bowling.’

A lowlight was when it took two of them to get me moving……….Hmmmmm