The Lochardil Hotel have written to inform us that they are experiencing problems with parents from Lochardil School parking inconsiderately in the hotel car park. This is making it difficult for hotel patrons to get parked and is also causing difficulty for delivery drivers who need access to the hotel. The hotel has requested that THE HOTEL CAR PARK IS NOT USED to drop off and collect children from the school. We have always had a very good relationship with the hotel and they have been very supportive to the school over the years. We would kindly request that parents do not park in the hotel car park. The Pharmacy, who are also very supportive of the school are also experiencing problems for their customers, so please do not park there either.

Our school JRSO’s (Junior Road Safety Officers, there is a rep in each class) will be encouraging our pupils to adopt healthier ways to travel to school and we have also approached Safer Routes to School for advice and suggestions to help us resolve these parking issues.

Thank you all for your support in keeping our children safe.