Parking Plea!

Parking is continuing to prove an ongoing issue and unnecessary stress for us at school. I wrote to parents/carers last term about the need for safe and considerate driving habits.  We have tried to appeal to your learning styles –

Visual – signage, physical yellow zig zag markings, cones

Auditory – speaking at meetings and events,

Kinaesthetic – approaching those flaunting the rules by tapping on windows, speaking to people. Having a community Police presence.

However, observing arrivals and departures this term in and around Lochardil Primary, I’m afraid to share we are still not being successful in achieving a safe environment for all our pupils. So…

Is this you? Do you recognise who this is? If yes… please can you have a turn to try to share the importance of what we are trying to do and why. No matter how late you may be, how quick a drop off you are doing, how little time you have to pick up, no child’s safety is worth the risk!

Our JRSO will be out and about to hand out flyers to parents and carers. They are passionate about their role and duty of care so please listen to them.

We will continue to monitor this and work with everyone to ensure the health and safety of all.  Thanks for your support and thanks to all who are adhering to the policy.