Parents’ Evening Online Appointments!

Good afternoon parents/carers,

For anyone who has a parents’ evening appointment this afternoon, or indeed tomorrow afternoon, please follow the same link that you used to log in to book your appointment in the first place, which is

Enter all of the log in information as you did before. Try to do this approximately 5-10 minutes before your appointment and you will see that you will have a video call waiting. Once your video call time starts you will be connected with your child(ren)’s class teacher(s).

Please note, all of the appointments will only last 8 minutes before the call will be automatically terminated by the booking system.

If you come across any technical difficulties during the call, or struggle to get logged into the call, please do not worry, as we will get in contact with you to help re-arrange another suitable time.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Lochardil Team