P7B – Week 3 – 13/11/20

Digital Maths

This week we had a go at something a bit different for maths using Google Sheets. We were testing our multiplication and division knowledge and we had to input our answers into a Google Sheet. If you got the correct answer cells on the sheet would be filled with colour. We enjoyed using this digital resource and seeing the picture appear on our screens (which was very fitting for this week).


On Wednesday we marked Remembrance Day by taking part in the two minute silence at 11am.

To help us learn more about why we do this every year we learnt about the story of John McCrae, the Canadian solider, who wrote the famous poem “In Flanders Fields”, after his experiences in Ypres, Belgium, in World War 1.

We read the poem and discusses the imagery that it included. We took some time to choose words and phrases in the stanzas that created a powerful image in our minds.