P7 Lunchtime 5 a side

Mrs. Anfield and Mrs. Armstrong went along to MacDonald Park on Tuesday to check out the facilities for playing football at the park with the P7’s at lunch time.  Unfortunately, the whole park was water logged.  We used our initiative and decided to offer the pupil’s a 5 aside game in the gym hall at Lochardil instead.  Approximately 20 pupils came along to join in.  Everyone who took part seemed to have an enjoyable experience. Mrs. Armstrong and  Mrs. Forbes acted as referees, and had Red and Yellow cards.  It was very pleasing that they were only used on a couple of occasions for minor incidents.

We were extremely pleased with the behaviour of the pupils.  They were at times very competitive but friendly.  We are hoping  the P6’s will enjoy their 5 aside game next Tuesday in the gym hall at Lochardil.  Once the weather improves  we will take the pupils to  MacDonald Park.

Thank you once again Primary 7 it was a pleasure Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Forbes.