P6B Happy Holidays

Thank you for all your support and to all the pupils for their hard work this term. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 28th October. Have a great holiday . Here is our blog written by Hamish and Morgan:

Monday we had P.E with Miss Barkley for the whole afternoon because Miss Macdonald was at a meeting. We played a game where we  had to throw the ball to someone on your team who was on the other side of the hall, on a bench and they caught the ball then you would go join them on the bench. The aim of the game was to get your whole team on the bench. Then the P7s came in and we played benchball with them.

On Tuesday we had an open morning for our parents to come in and see our work. We did a topic task about how different life in Sparta and Athens was. We had to think about what rights the children living in each place had or didn’t have. We also did a sheet about our emotions and talked to our parents about it.

Last week  we made baby cards for the uni kids to send to the government because kids in other countries are dying of diseases that we have the cure to.

Recently we started to do Successful learners and Effective Contributors each day.  We have an envelope that will have someone’s name in it and if they have been listening, have not been in trouble and have been responsible and respectful for that day we get 5 dojos and a little sweet. If the people do not get it, Miss MacDonald does not say who it was. 

Last week we did a workshop with  Scotish Ballet , If you look on class dojo there is some videos of us. 

We also did writing about heroes and villains. We used Hercules as a model text to help us write our story. 

In maths we did our  end of unit assessment on place value and we did amazing!

We are moving on to fractions/decimals/percentages . It is going to be tricky but we will try our best. 

 We also did French,  with Miss Cox where we learned about Birthdays, numbers and colours. 

As you can see we have had a busy time but it has been fun. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and have a great holiday. 

                              By Morgan and Hamish