P6 Remember

Today P6 learned about 2 Scottish heroes who were awarded the Victoria Cross medal for their bravery. We spoke about some of our families (past and present) who have been involved in wars or served in the armed forces. There was a lot of pride in the room.
This week we have been learning about Charles Rennie Macintosh and his designs. We were inspired by his rose design to create our own Poppy themed stained glass windows. Some of us chose to do purple poppies to remember fallen animals, white poppies to resemble peace or black poppies to remember those from African and Caribbean communities . Here are just some of the finished examples:

We also took some time to write acrostic poems using the words : Poppy and Remember. Our poems demonstrate our awareness, empathy and pride for those whose lives have been affected by war. Some of us are still working on our poems but here are some that are finished: