P6/7 Titanic Workshop

Last term P6/7 were studying the Titanic for our topic and this week we has a fantastic day rounding off our learning with a whole day workshop experience from Titanic Honor and Glory.

We recreated the story of the Titanic, from the building of the ship to the tragic sinking, through a range of curricular areas. We loved dressing up and dramatising important parts of the story; this helped us to fully immerse ourselves in the story and understand the events and emotions felt by those involved that much more.

We also took part in art activities,  learnt about some of the science behind the how the ship worked and played lots of fun games. We even got to handle real artefacts from the real ship, including part of the second class staircase banister and a very rare S.S Titanic plaque from one of the lifeboats which transported survivors to the Carpathia!

Sean, who was leading the workshop, was super impressed with our “enthusiasm and exceptional knowledge of the topic” (direct quote!).

We would like to thank Sean for a fun filled day full of learning!