P6/7 – Junior jobs Day

Today the whole school took part in Junior Jobs Day, where people and businesses from our community come into our school to teach us about the world of work and different skills and abilities we might require for our future jobs and careers.

First we had Maggie Thompson from the Calman Trust. Her job is to train up young people to work in the Cafe Artysans. She told us all about the different skills that you need to have to work in a customer focused job; confidence, good language skills and  patience to name a few.

In the afternoon we had Mrs Lowe from the nursery come to talk to us about being an Early Years Practitioner. She talked about her training, her day-to-day job and what skills we would need; patience, caring nature and being able to work as part of a team.

We noticed that although the jobs we learnt about were very different they both required similar skills. It has made us realize that the skills that we learn in school will help us in the world of work. Thank you again to our visitors!