P5B Weekly Blog

Last week we had a lot going on but I didn’t blog so I’m going to do both weeks now. We were at Eden Court for a showing of Wonderpark, and then it was time for the Unicef Rights of the Child 40 year celebrations. With the children dressed up so beautifully, we had lots of cool party games. My activity naturally involved food! The mars bar game was frustrating but fun!

Robbie attempted to show us a card trick, but has still to perfect it!

We started on dragon eyes in art. You can use all sorts of colours for this and the children went wild with imaginative markings.

This week has been fun too. The children did a great listening job when they watched me demonstrating how to make a clay angel. They look very individual and cute. Very angelic!

We were visited yesterday by the man from the RSPCA. He was very interesting and he brought robot owls. What’s not to love!

Please note that events beyond my control have meant that the open afternoon has been changed to the 13th. Sorry if this has caused you inconvenience. 2:00pm start.