P5B – Weekly Blog

Last week we were visited by Elma from Blythswood. It was a very interesting and inspiring talk, and the children had a lot of questions about the work of the Foundation, and about Elma’s job. Sorry I spelt it wrongly in the homework! Thought I was doing well, then to my horror the kids started to come in and tell me off! My excuse is that I taught a girl called Blythe with an ‘e’, who was named Blythe because her great-grandfather either founded Blythswood, or was a co-founder. I do apologise. Quite a few of you spotted the ‘deliberate’ mistake! Take a house point!

The children have been working hard on the first of this term’s Key Assessment Task. It is a writing task and the children will bring home the cog sheet today, with their story. Please try to remember to return the sheet with the parental comment filled in. Thank you.

We have been making firework pictures with salt and coloured paint. They were great fun to make, but unfortunately they don’t really have staying power, as the salt starts to react with the paint by sucking all the colour out of it. I took pictures whilst they were still with us!

The children have been working hard with Mrs Scotstoun to devise their fundraising stalls for Children in Need. Thank you for all your help with this. Whatever form your help took!

Grand Total ……….Nearly £790!!!!

Finally, for those of you who need time off work etc, the time for the Open Afternoon is 2:00pm on the 5th of December.