P5/6 Victorian/HWB Open Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who came along to share in some inter generational learning and fun this afternoon. We have been learning about the Victorians this term and yesterday we were learning about D-Day so as part of our open afternoon we :

*Created war medals to show our empathy and gratitude for the sacrifices that the Veterans of D-Day gave for us.

*Shared some family fun in exploring a range of Victorian games and toys which helped us to think about how lucky we are to have the right to play and rest, something Victorian children were not entitled to.

*Worked together to develop our digital and problem solving skills in order to complete a QR Code Quiz. Completing the quiz helped us to learn a bit more about the impact that victorians and the industrial revolution had on life as it is today.

*Tried Mrs Prentice’s home cooked gruel which helped us to empathise with the Children and families who would have had to eat something similar in workhouses and factories.

*Took the opportunity to have a mindful moment and be inspired by the artwork of William Morris to create our own prints and patterns.

*Tested our patience and perseverence learning how to create the popular string problem, “cats cradle”. This was something that was very popular in the Victorian times as it was inexpensive and helped children to develop concentration and problem solving skills.