P5/6 Update and Term Overview

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Just a little note about our trip on Tuesday. Children do not have to wear school uniform, instead they should wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors (depending on the weather). No football strips please. Everyone needs to have appropriate footwear(preferably boots or wellies) and a waterproof jacket. Please bring a rucksack to carry your packed lunch, a water bottle and any other essentials. We are only on the bus for a short time as children should not bring electronics with them. As we are outside all day there is a possibility they could get wet or broken. We have been challenged to take litter free packed lunches with us. Have a think about how you can reduce, reuse or recycle. Any questions then please let me know. May you have a lovely long weekend. 

Miss MacDonald

Thursday 2nd May 2018 

This morning we were practising our research and note taking skills we used the I-pads and chrome books to help us find information about New Lanark and Robert Owen. We made a list of key words that we used to find the information we needed and we shared our favourite websites. We made a list of all the sources that we used to get our information and wrote down our favourite facts in our jotters. Did you know that Robert Owen opened the first ever nursery school in the Uk at New Lanark?

We had lots of fun in PE today, despite not being able to get onto the pitch, due to the weather. Today we were practising long jump and working on our leg and core muscles. We really enjoyed the tea towel races where we had to use or leg muscles to help us moved along the floor. We had lots of laughs practising our squats at the ball seat station too.

Be A Flower

A flower does not compete with other flowers. It just blooms. 

Our new door display reminds us of all the spring flowers and helps us to remember that we are all unique and have different talents and challenges but we can all achieve and grow beautifully.