P5/4 Weekly Update

Another week! This one went quickly for me. We made a Lockdown emotion wall this week. A great idea from Miss Macdonald, who is very good at this kind of thing…

The trigger of the emotion was Lockdown 2 and this is represented by the sun. The flowers are the children’s emotions, and the blades of grass show the behaviours that these feelings made them show. Finally the clouds have the children’s coping strategies on them. Clever!

Our Charlotte Holmes mystery is cracking along at a fair old pace, and all the children have their own theories about who did the crimes. Ioan was the hero of the day when he worked out the solution to the mystery of who stole Sir Jeremy’s favourite ring. Alice the Maid was able to walk free! We had to decode morse code and work out a shift code too.

The Charlotte Holmes information display looks better and better, as we add more clues.

We were working on coordinates revision too, with some fairly complex Bart and Lisa Simpson coordinate grids.

Have a super weekend!