P5/4 Weekly Post

What a fun week! Full of poems and puppets!

We were listening to lots of poems by different poets. From Benjamin Zephania (Dis Poem), to Michael Rosen (The Car Journey), and from Charles Causley (Timothy Winters) to Margaret Hamilton (Lament to a Lost Dinner Ticket). This last one we copied carefully into our jotters (in pen!!!!) for handwriting practice this week. Here is Eliza’s lovely version. Great job Eliza!

You’ll probably have to get the children to interpret. (and I think it’s a slightly ruder word than BUN!!!)

Next we had fun with Conkers from the horse chestnut tree near my house. Very exciting to open up! I can’t walk past a lovely chestnut on the ground without picking it up…FACT.

In maths we were filling in the other sides of shapes to make symmetry. Quite challenging. We also made symmetrical Hallowe’en shapes.

We had great fun with the puppets. Not sure the world is ready for the premiers yet….but here are some press shots of the performers!

A huge thanks to all for your support in this tricky first term. You have put up with the nonsense! They are a super class and I can’t wait to get going on next term.

Don’t mention Christmas…….!