P5/4 Weekly Blog! We’re Back!

So lovely to see the children again! We have had a very full week of activities, and because of this, especially the baking, I didn’t manage to get the usual post up on Friday. But here it is on Monday. I hope you will keep looking at our page, as it’s a good record of all the shenanigans we get up to in class. (That’s if I remember to take the camera….or then remember to take photos!)

Firstly we had a fabulous treat from Mrs K on Monday, to celebrate us all being back together again. MMMMMMMM! Mieles!

The children were really enjoying just simply being with each other, so they made names for their groups, and worked as a team to colour them in. Compromising and making sure no one got left out……very important!

We went outside to make 2D shapes. The triangles are all three different types, as well as some attempts at 3D building! I don’t really know why Cameron has such a HUGE stick!?

During lockdown I came across a fantastic resource from the Batley Theatre Company in England. People are so resourceful! This company has started making mystery boxes for families in lockdown. A box arrives in the post, and you and your family have a brilliant 7 day adventure with our intrepid hero Charlotte Holmes. It is such a fabulous resource, I ordered it for us!

We have been learning card games with Charlotte……

And baking! This is what’s called EXTREME TEACHING! 24 children 3 different recipes! And I didn’t do any of it. The children were BRILLIANT!

That’s all for now, but keep looking each week!