P5/4 Weekly Blog

What a fun week back it has been in p5/4.

We were looking at Information Handling or Statistics in maths.

We firstly collected leaves and put them together to make our ‘Raw Data’ collection, but soon discovered that this was not ideal for getting information easily or quickly.

The p5s made Tally Charts or Frequency Tables to make some order out of various raw data scenarios. They took pictures of their work…and got a bit carried away with the camera!

We were working out direction as well. Using our direction finders and some chairs and cuddly toys, we worked out instructions that we will be able to use when we are coding this term.

We are able to access Scottish Opera using our ipads. The online show this year is called, “The Last Aliens!” and we are going to be doing this each week for the next wee while. Then we do a performance of the piece along with the Scottish Opera professionals. We are not allowed to sing or do movements in class yet…but we can whisper/sing AND do movement if we are outside!


I will post our Termly Overview here and on Google Classroom next week.