P5/4 Weekly Blog

Hurrah!!!! It’s social dancing! The children’s favourite. Hee hee! To be honest…they pretend they don’t like it, but when you look at them dancing they all have big grins on their faces, and there is much hilarity! In the following pictures, I captured Eliza and William doing a perfect Gay Gordon’s turn. Great job you two!

We have been rehearsing our Christmas song for the BSL Christmas Song Bonanza.

Can the children please bring in something Christmassy to wear on Monday as we will be recording our song on Monday, or Tuesday. Anything at all.

The classroom transformation has begun. Some super collaborations, compromises and problem solving going on. They are in charge…I’m only the facilitator…and the one who says, ” No that’s actually impossible,” if anything gets a bit OTT!

Have super weekend.