P4/5 World Fair

Well done to primary 4/5 for a really lovely morning of work. The World Fair was very good, and we received  positive feedback from the classes who came along to see it.

The children displayed their research very effectively, and they did the signing well.

The children of all ages who visited us, were kept interested by the information, food, costumes and fun that the children had on show for them. Thank you to everyone who helped supply some of the fascinating objects and food for the children’s stalls.

It was a long day, but those fabulous children, kept their enthusiasm up, right to the bitter end! I’m super proud of them.

Myself, Anthony and Robert took a lot of pictures, so here they are!!!!

Very bright and colourful!

Have a lovely Easter break, and we’ll see you back on Tuesday 23rd April, ready for the final term, when we’ll be looking closely at the extraordinary life of Robert Owen and his father-in-law, David Dale. 

I feel a trip coming on……..!

P.S. Can you spot the difference between the original art work, and Robert and Anthony’s copy! They’ve got a future in art fraud I think!!!!