P4/5 weekly post

An interesting week for primary 4/5 as ever!

We have moved on to statistics and data handling in maths. We went outside to collect selected leaves from the playground. We put them together and learnt the term ‘Raw Data.’ The children had to stand up and count how many of each leaf there were from this.

We then realised that this way of counting big amounts, is slow and unreliable, so organised the leaves into a graph. Bundling them into 5s helped to make us quicker at counting too.

We did more BSL this week. Katie and Lucy are demonstrating part of the signs for each colour in the photographs. Ask your children to demonstrate the full signs.

We played a game for dojos, where you had to jump onto a colour when the music stopped, then a child with their eyes closed, would do a colour sign. If you were on that colour, you got the points.

In writing we are taking a couple of weeks to do a persuasive essay. Our subject is……..’Should glitter be banned?’ It has certainly got the children talking. To give the opposite view from the environmental one, we invited a  ‘DEVIL’S ADVOCATE!’ Poor Mrs Kellacher had to come and speak to the children all about her glitter addiction. Just to get a balanced view!

But she very kindly judged our Cartesian Divers. She didn’t know whose was whose! The winners were Lexie and Samuel. Super job you two!

Happy Mother’s Day when it comes!