P4/5 Weekly Blog

New Lanark

Thank you so much to those who have put their names forward for our exciting trip to New Lanark. Are you mad!!!! Joking of course…… We will have to put the names in a hat and pull out the lucky winners! More on that to follow. I’m heading down south this weekend, and will be doing a recce there, so I’ll stop at Ballinluig and get the Kids Menu (they only have the adult one online) so we should be all set with choices soon.

This week in class we have been moving on from liquid volume, to studying volume/capacity using centimetres cubed. The children had to build the structures and count how many cubes were used. The primary 5s had to calculate this, using only the dimensions and the formula: V = lxbxh.

We also used the wonderful Maths Whizz game with the Witch to practise all the measurements we have been looking at.

We are studying the work of William Morris. He was a philanthropist pioneer in the Arts and Crafts Movement who designed exquisite textile patterns that are still popular to this day. He was inspired by nature so we went outside to find things to draw, and to actually draw, as it was a lovely day.

Then we printed our patterns using printing inks, rollers and printing tiles. It was messy, but FUN!

During his lifetime, William Morris also founded, and was part of socialist movements for change to children’s and worker’s rights, just like Robert Owen. I haven’t found a link yet, but I’m sure he MUST have been one of the many important visitors to visit New Lanark!