P4/5 Weekly Blog

What a lot we’ve covered this week!

We had fun with the Spheros last Friday. They are little mini robots that you can programme to zip around everywhere. The children had them in water, were racing them, they made an arena with their legs and they put them in paint to see who could get the foam to move. They were controlled using the ipads, great fun!

We had a question and answer session using puppets of a factory boss and a poor street girl, all about the working and living conditions of Victorian children. He turned out to be a bit horrible and callous as well as having a very dodgy accent!!!!

Yesterday, the wonderful tennis people came to give us a free tennis lesson, which was glorious in this sunshine!

…and today we had a couple of visitors from the planning department, telling us about their jobs. This fitted perfectly with our project, as we were talking a lot about the Victorian era NOT being very good with children’s Health and Safety. They were lucky to survive at all, and limbs or fingers being lost was relatively commonplace. What a super contrast to today’s welfare practices, so a big thank you to them.