P3A – Update

What a busy week it was! We have been learning about fiction and non-fiction texts, doing yoga and working on adding strategies. We have an area of the school garden to look after that has a few small raised beds in it. For outdoor learning, the class have chosen to grow food and flowers in them. We hope to start planting next week. I have some daffodil bulbs I can bring in and if you have anything at home – cuttings, plants, bulbs or seeds you don’t need we will gratefully receive them!! We are almost at the end of our Book Study. Plop’s mother has been a good role model, giving us strategies to try when we are afraid of something or worried. Looking at the stars made Plop less afraid of the dark and he even taught us a few star constellation names. The children were very creative and designed their own constellations. Aren’t they fabulous? Have a lovely weekend everyone!