P3 Weekly Update

In  our short week we have been very busy! Our class have been doing their bit for the environment by litter picking, in our house groups.

Counting the pieces of litter.

Class Talks

Class talks have been amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped the children prepare. We have made a wall display you can see on the the next open morning.

Special thanks to Mrs Urquhart, Hollie’s mum, who took a virtual reality headset in to show us around Rome. It took all morning for 30 of us to have a shot.

Fun! Amazing! Fantastic! are some of the comments the children made. I was blown away by the experience….maybe we could fundraise for a set or ask Santa?!

Ashton away to look around the Colosseum.

Finally, on Friday Duntechaig house captains held a health and wellbeing day for us. It was indoors as the weather didn’t hold up. Everyone had fun and some exercise followed by a Time to Talk back in class.

Happy after exercising.