P2/3 Open Morning Invitation

Tuesday 9th October 11.00 am – 11.45 am 

All welcome to our Literacy Open Morning with a Reading Focus. Come and see the materials we use for our reading sessions and some of the activities we do to develop our reading skills. There will be a feedback comment sheet about “What’s Working Well” and “Even Better If”  about literacy/reading for you to fill in,  if you have time,  before you leave. We look forward to having you along.


2 thoughts on “P2/3 Open Morning Invitation

  1. Paula Maciver Post author

    The event is on Tuesday 9th October and the main post has been amended. Thank you, Mr Douglas.

  2. Colin Douglas

    This note says Tuesday 10th October, however the 10th is a Wednesday? Which day is the open day on?

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