P1A Nativity Information

P1A are very excited about our nativity performances next week! In order for the girls and boys to change into their costumes in time for the 09:30 start we will be letting the children come in to class from 08:50 (when the first bell rings) on both the Monday and Tuesday. This is entirely optional and if you are not able to make it in for that time then please do not worry!

School Christmas lunch will be held on Wednesday and the girls and boys are welcome to come to school in their Christmas jumpers!

Homework – there will be no reading homework next week due to the nativity performances. Letter formation and number homework will be given out as normal.

Election Day – a quick reminder that the school will be closed for all pupils on Thursday 12th December.

Open afternoon – our open afternoon will be held next Friday from 2:00pm – 2:45pm.

This week, we have been doing lots of addition activities and have written the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’.