P1 – P7 Christmas Party Information

As per the school calendar the class Christmas parties will go ahead on the following dates ;

Monday 14th December P6, P5/6 and P5

Tuesday 15th December P4, P5/4 and P3

Wednesday 16th December P2 and P1

Thursday 17th December P7

The parties will be held in your child’s class and they will not mix with the other class of the same stage as per previous years due to current guidelines.

We ask children to take a small amount of party food in a suitable container/bag to enjoy on the day. This is for themselves only and not to be shared. Please remember that we operate a strictly no nuts policy.

Children are permitted to take juice (not fizzy) in their water bottles on party day only.

We are looking forward to seeing the children in their party clothes (optional) and ready to have some fun (not optional!).