New School Year Information Update

After such a fabulous summer holiday we are all ready and excited to welcome all our children and families back to school tomorrow and looking forward to our new session 2021-2022 ahead!
We have a couple of changes that have occured over the summer including –
P3B are now lucky to have Miss Rachel Sutherland as their class teacher for the year;
P3/4 will still have Miss Lisa Graham as their class teacher until 1st September then a new teacher will be appointed to the class. This is such an exciting next chapter for Miss Graham as she moves on, however she will be greatly missed and we look forward to her popping back to visit when she’s back in the Highlands. This post has been advertised and the closing date set for 23rd August so we will share further information as we have it.
Miss Chloe MacDonald (P6/5 class teacher & Principal Teacher) & Miss Jenny Scotson (P7B) will be supporting work relating to COP26 education development in Highland, as well as being class teachers. Ms Emma Donsophon will be covering their classes for a short time each week this term and next and details will be shared through class overviews.
We also welcome Jackie Gardiner to our team for this session on a Wednesday and every alternate Thursday covering our Principal Teacher management time so she will also be working with P1, P6/5, and P7A.
We are now ready to welcome back our fabulous Lochardilites in the morning! Polite reminder, all Covid mitigations remain in place as our previous session, so please leave your children at the gate and do come in to the playground with them. They should all know where they are going and if not there will be members of staff in the playground ready to help.
So… enjoy the last few hours of the holidays, pack the school bag, set the alarm, and get a good night sleep all ready for the fun that lies ahead tomorrow as we embark on our new school year journey 2021-2022!
Mrs A Kellacher