Muddy weather!

We are aware that some of you have muddy children coming home after school each day.

Every year at this time we have to stop using the field for playing on due to its condition and give it time to recover.  However, at present we need to use it to allow all the children space to play and remain safe within their year group bubbles.

We are currently looking at ways to avoid using/ spend as little time on the grass pitch as we can while still allowing everyone sufficient space to play.  Space within our grounds is a challenge due to our large pupil roll, but with Covid-19 mitigations this is an additional pressure. 

From tomorrow our infant classes will not have access to the grass pitch and will be allocated space in the front playground, in an attempt to support learning to continue smoothly in the afternoons, keep our school clean, and also reduce washing mess at home!

We ask our older pupils to try to avoid mud patches and be aware of where they are playing.  We will keep you posted with updates.

In the meantime, it would be very useful if you could provide your child with a change of clothes in their schoolbag in case it is required, and any clothing that has been loaned please return asap.

Also, we continue to ask that every child comes prepared for the weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing i.e. jacket, particularly as we move into Winter.