Moving Up Day Tomorrow!

While our P7s are enjoying a taste of academy school life, tomorrow will be our turn at Lochardil for all our classes to move up to their next class for the day. This is an opportunity to meet their new teacher, be part of their new class setting, and enjoy learning with their peers.
The news was shared in person by Mrs Kellacher for almost all classes, and by telephone to P1 & P4 parents, just for a heads up. Pupils will be given a letter to take home with them from their new class tomorrow so all our parents/ carers have all the important information in writing, so check the school bag mail!
NB: Classes are formed by date of birth (in line with Highland Council policy), with consideration given to other factors such as history of composition, and Additional Support Needs. Class composition and staffing is subject to change at this stage so all pupils and parents must be made aware of this and be prepared for change if required.
Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Have fun and enjoying learning!
Mrs Kellacher