Message from Highland Council Catering Service


Please remember that school meals should be paid for in advance. Payment can be made by either cash or cheque at the school, or online in schools which have a cashless catering system.

P7 Pupils  

Remember that any money outstanding for school meals needs to be paid before the end of term – no debt can be carried forward to Secondary school accounts. As above, if an invoice has to be issued, the £15 surcharge will be automatically added to the amount owing.

Highland Council – Invoice Surcharge

Highland Council introduced some changes to invoicing processes in April 2019. To cover the high cost of administering invoices the addition of a £15 surcharge will be added to invoices issued for something that could or should be paid for another way. As school meals should be paid for in advance – the £15 surcharge will be applied if an invoice has to be issued retrospectively for school meals.