Looking Back on Last Week in P6B by Elsie and James M

On Monday 9th December we didn’t do P.E. because Miss Barclay wasn’t here. So instead we had Mrs Finlay, and we did a detective problem solving where we were the Jury and we had to listen to two sides of the same story and we had to think which story was true. It was tricky but fun. We also watched the P1s and P2s perform their nativity. It was the same show that we did when we were in P2. 

On Tuesday, We learned about Weather in French. It was really fun. We felt like weather forecasters and we learnt lots from Miss Macdonald.  She is an amazing French teacher. Next, after lunch was topic. We watched a video clip about how our brains process things and how we all have different opinions. 

We split into groups of 4 and got given a BIG question. Some examples were:

  • What is love?
  • How are adults different to children?
  • Do animals have rights?

We recorded our thoughts on a big A3 poster then we shot a video about what our opinions on the question were. 

Wednesday was good because it was Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day. During lunch there was Christmas music playing. Before lunch we had Explore with Mrs Scotsonn. Since Miss Barclay was off,  we did social dancing with mrs Scotson. We did the Military Two Step and the Dashing White Sergeant.

On Thursday we weren’t here due to an election day but all the teachers were in school. 

On Friday Miss MacDonald was not in class in the morning so she left us some work to do with Miss Marshall. We did reading and maths then we had golden time before the open afternoon. After lunch our parents came to our classes and we showed them the work that we had been doing on book creator. We have been researching Christmas around the world as part of our topic because many people believe different things or celebrate in different ways. 

Thank you for reading our blog From Elsie + James M