Junior Leaders Dance Platform at Inverness Royal Academy

I was totally proud of all our Junior Leaders tonight they all played a magnificent part in an excellent Celebration of Dance.

To the boys Josh and Jack thank you for being my excellent Personal Assistants and providing these photos and videos as always you did an amazing job.

Thank you to our amazing staff for coming along to support us Mrs. Kellacher, Mrs. Murray, Miss Macdonald and Miss Macarthur.  We all appreciated your support.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Here is a video of our whole Group Dance.

I failed sorry I will have to consult with our IT expert Mrs. Rodgers.  I’m not quite sure how to download a video.  I do have good videos of both dances thanks to my boys.  So watch this space.

To all our Junior Leaders and the boys you were all totally amazing tonight thank you so much for all your hard work and effort and for putting up with me.  Love you Lots Mrs. A.