Junior Leaders

Dates of Future Events involving Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders lead P2 Mini Fit Club

[Tuesday 2, 9, 16 and 23 May][2.45-3.30pm] (Followed by Dance Session 3.30 – 4.00)

Junior Leaders lead P2/3 Mini Fit Club

[Tuesday 30 May and 6, 13, and 20 June] [2.45 – 3.30 pm (Followed by

Dance Session 3.30 – 4.00 pm)    Last Dance Session will be 6th June. 

 Lochardil Gym Hall

Dance Platform is at Inverness Royal Academy at 6.30 – 8.00 p.m on Thursday 8th June 2017

We had a brill fun session, very active and very productive on Tuesday.

Below are some selfie photos the Junior Leaders took, a few members are missing so watch this space.  These are way  better than any Photos Mrs A takes lol.  My two PA’s took fabulous photos of our dance rehearsals today.  Well done Josh and Jack brilliant job.

They also did their planning for the next Mini Fit Sessions.

Below are some photos of our dance although we do not want to give too much away at this stage.


Lily and Ellie are also creating an amazing Street Dance.

Keep up the good work Junior Leaders its a pleasure working with you all.

Junior Leaders Dance Class Tuesday 28th January 2017

We are having an exciting time creating our Junior Leaders’ Dance for the Dance Show Case in May.  The Junior Leaders are all working hard as a team. Today they had some wonderful progress and now have the basis for an excellent dance due to their team work and commitment.  It is not a competition it is a showcase of Dance involving many schools in the Highlands.  It will be a lovely opportunity for us to share our own unique dance with the other schools taking part.

Below are a few photos of today’s Dance Session.

Keep Up The Good Work Girls Mrs. A and Sarah.

Welcome back to our Junior Leaders – some information and plans for our first sessions, please note your groups – looking forward to working with you all as always Mrs. A and Sarah.

Junior Leaders Group 1

Group 1 A

Niamh MacInnes

Rhona McKinnon

Mia MacDonald

Marcus Chisholm

Niamh MacDonald

Group 1 B

Julia Ferguson

Ellen Shering

Anna Macleod

Jack Finnigan

Josh Wilson

Junior Leaders Group 2

Group 2 A

Ellie Emmott

Eve Matheson

Grace MacLennan

Iona MacDonald

Izzy Mackintosh

Group 2 B

Lily Flegg

Millie Bisset

Molly Armstrong

Ruby Foster

Abbie Houston

Group 1 A will play this week’s game.

Group 1 B will plan the games for week 3 and think about ideas for the Showcase Dance at Easter and Sport Relief Dance.

Group 2 A will plan the games for week 2 and think about ideas for Showcase Dance at Easter and Sport Relief Dance.

Group 2 B will plan the games for week 4 and think about ideas for Showcase Dance at Easter and Sports Relief Dance.

Our Junior Leaders will be back in action this week.

Mini Fit Classes will be held with P1A for 4 weeks beginning:

  • Tuesday 10th January 2.45 till 3.30 pm
  • Tuesday 17th January 2.45 till 3.30 pm
  • Tuesday 24th January 2.45 till 3.30 pm
  • Tuesday 31st January 2.45 till 3.30 pm

If any P1A pupils would like to sign up to this class please see

Mrs. Armstrong.

The next session after this one will be for P1B.

Just in case our new P1 parents are not sure what the Junior Leaders role is with the children I will explain.

Our Junior Leaders give up their time freely during, playtime’s, lunch times and after school in our Mini Fit Sessions.  They are volunteers.  The Mini Fit sessions allow them to put into use their leadership and team work skills they have learnt during their training.  Our Junior Leaders love working with the children, making up games to play with them, encouraging them to join in where appropriate.   Some of the games we play are as follows:

  • Whats the Time Mr Wolf
  • The Farmers in His Den
  • Various Tig Games
  • The Shark Song
  • Games with the Parachute
  • Obstacle Course Games
  • Cat and Mouse
  • The list of games is endless, these are just a few examples.

The Junior Leaders are also very flexible at gearing their games to the age of the pupils playing P1-P3 sometimes P4.

At Easter we are hoping to take part in the Dance Showcase again.  We will make up our own dance for this.

We usually make up a dance for Sport Relief too and teach it to the whole school.

We are open to any suggestions for new games, or dance music or materials.

Week 1 Mini Fit with Primary 3/4

Eve and Iona led this session. They were fantastic. Well done girls. I was  well impressed with your delivery and you ensured all the little and big people had a superb time.

The games played during this session were:

  • Mirror Tig
  • Cat and Mouse (a new version which was brilliant).
  • Toy Story (again a new game which went down a treat).

The Toy Story Game was so exciting.

Look for Eve and Iona giving out their instructions – perfect Junior Leaders, Calm, Collective and very Enthusiastic!

Week 2 – Obstacle Course – A Good Time was had by all.

Week 3 – 8th November 2.45 – 3.30 p.m.  Mini Fit as Normal.

Please note – there will be no Mini Fit on 15th November. Thank You.

Week 4 22nd November last week of Mini Fit for Primary 3/4 thank you to all the pupils and their parents for supporting our Junior Leaders and their After School Club.

Junior Leaders Training for 2016/17

On Tuesday Sarah and Mrs. A. met with the Junior Leaders for a training session.  We had an amazing time.  All the Junior Leaders were fab and contributed well to our training session.  Below are some photos which show some of the things we were doing.

These photos show the junior leaders learning leadership skills and organising how to place themselves in hight order, and alphabetically by name without falling off the bench and losing one of their 3 lives.  This is a good getting to know each other exercise.

img_0020 img_0019 img_0018 img_0017 img_0016 img_0015

The next photos show the junior leaders acting out the following words associated with Leadership Qualities.  Co-operation, Responsibility, Safety, Organisation, Communication and Enjoyment.  These qualities are all important when the boys and girls are delivering their Mini Fit sessions.  A quality we like to emphaise on is team work.

img_0059 img_0058 img_0053 img_0050 img_0044

Our next photos show the Junior Leaders playing one of their favourite games –  Tig.

img_0041 img_0042 img_0043

We look forward to another exciting Junior Leaders Training Session next Tuesday.  Thank you girls for all your time and commitment it is  much appreciated Mrs. A. and Sarah.

Last years Junior Leaders Sessions

Some Primary 3 pupils have been enjoying Mini Fit Sessions with the Junior Leaders.  This week we introduced some new games.  One of these games is called the Ladders game, here are some photos.

As you can see all our Junior Leaders like to join in the games with the children and equally the children love the Junior Leaders playing the games with them.

Next Tuesday is the last Mini Fit session for this term.  Thank you to all the pupils in Primaries 1-3 who have come along and taken part in our Mini Fit session.

Thank you to all our Junior Leaders for hosting these excellent Mini Fit sessions.

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