Google Suite Tools Access Over Summer

Good morning,

Just a reminder over the summer, primary aged pupils will continue to have access to Google Meet, Google Chat and Google Classroom .

What this means in reality is that pupils will have the ability to create their own Meets to allow them to speak to other pupils over the course of the five week break, as well as to continue to communicate via Google Chat .

Whilst the way that G-suite is set up, pupils are unable to communicate with anyone outside of the Highland Domain, it does mean that they could continue to communicate with other pupils without direct supervision from school staff, so we just wanted to make you aware.  

In terms of Classroom Stream, children will be able to access the work but will not be able to comment as this function will be turned off.

We are very aware that many pupils do rely some of these tools for their social interaction but it is important that you are aware of what the settings mean.