ELC – Forest Session – Week 6

What a great morning we had in the forest today. The weather did not put us off at all !! The children just love to explore the whole forest and they took us to the other side where we had been on our very first week !! They were all so pleased to see that the shelter they had discovered back then was still standing and they had a rest inside. Some used their imagination to think who the house might belong to.

Jacob said – ‘it’s a bear house’

Eva-Jorge said – ‘they’ve gone to get their porridge and have a little walk’

Calum found a caterpillar on the path so he gently picked it up to show the children. They were able to see how different this one looked to the ones we had in nursery. We popped it on a leaf so it would be ‘safe’ before moving on.

After snack we went in search of muddy puddles. We found the muddiest one of all and the children were brave enough to jump off of the bank to see who could make the biggest splash. The teachers even joined in too.

Next week will be our last Forest Session if this term and we are looking forward to parents/caters joining us for the last hour (10-11) for an animal hunt. We hope you can make it.