ELC – Forest Session 2

we had our second visit to the forest! It was a great action packed afternoon and all children loved it. We got a little bit muddy but a muddy child is a happy child and we could defiantly see that yesterday some of the children enjoyed making mud angels others showed more confidence as they explored in the mud jumping and splashing.

We then measured trees using ourselves we all found a tree and joint hand to see how many kids it took to measure the tree. Ryan “this one needs 4 children” We noticed some trees we could just put our two hands round because they were so small! Why not try this and get them to teach you on your next forest visit we’d loved to see your photos. They can be sent to Miss Paul. Maybe you even have a tree in your garden or way to school?

On our way back to our meeting point we found a tree we could swing in some children even managed to write letter using sticks and mud and acorns. What a great day!