We are working on adapting our Eco-Schools and wider programmes so that pupils can continue working on environmental topics from home, and wanted to let you know about two activities that are online on our Eco-Schools At Home page

The Pop-up Pocket Garden is a gardening project that can be done at home in a small space outdoors, or indoors on a windowsill.  It provides a great opportunity for children and young people aged 3 – 18 years to design and grow a small garden. There are themes to inspire you and a design brief to guide practical building and growing. We are looking for exciting and unusual designs that use edible plants, plants that attract wildlife and will reuse something which would otherwise have been thrown away.  The best Pop-up Pocket Gardens will be featured on the Keep Scotland Beautiful website to celebrate your ideas and skills and inspire others.

For children aged 8-25 years old, Young Reporters Scotland is a perfect opportunity to investigate and report on an environmental or sustainability issue which matters to them. The competition is designed to give young people a platform to express their opinions and solutions for environmental issues in addition to providing an opportunity to develop their own journalistic skills.

Please send pictures to key worker email, or post on our stream.