Dress Down Day

The Ruthven House Captains have organised a Dress Down Day on Friday 7th October in recognition of World Smile Day. Children are encouraged to come to school ‘in their own clothes’, but no football strips/tops please. The first Friday of October each year marks World Smile Day, a day to do one act of kindness and make someone crack a smile!

The day was founded in 1999 by Harvey Ball, the creator of the famous yellow smiley face. When he thought his logo was becoming too commercial and losing its real meaning, he organised the day to recognise that a smile knows no religion or politics and that we should all spread a little happiness.

There is no donation required to take part this time but we would ask that everyone does an act of kindness during the day to make someone smile instead! Everyone will be asked to write their act on a post-it in school. We look forward to hearing about all the different ways that smiles have been spread around Lochardil!