“Do more of what makes you sparkle “ P6

Today is outdoor classroom day and we made the most of the opportunity to learn outdoors . This week we are learning all about Robert Louis Stevenson as part of our topic. Today we studied his poem : My shadow, and learned all about similes, metaphors and personification.

We then took our learning outdoors and worked in small groups to describe our school grounds using the techniques we learned . Here are some examples:

As we are not able to go to the fireworks and bonfire tonight we thought we would use our skills to make our own. We filled the playground with positive firework themed quotes to make everyone smile .

We then worked together to create a life sized firework scene in the front playground. We drew round our bodies and our shadows to create a crowd watching the fireworks above .

we ended our day with some hot chocolate around the fire and a little bit of R&R (read and relax) time.