P2 Cromarty Lighthouse

What a fantastic day we had at the seaside. We climbed up to the top of a (small) lighthouse and found out about the air valves used to keep the fires going in olden times and how the lighthouse keepers communicated with each other through voice pipes.What an amazing view we had of the harbour and the seaside!













Then we found out all about the work done by scientists at the lighthouse and held dolphin’s and seal’s jawbones and teeth. Also, we found out about the different sounds made by different sea animals.
















Finally we did a beach clean up and got creative with the different materials on the beach. We found some plastic and net on the beach and learned about the effect litter has on sea animals. We had amazing stone art and different kinds of sandcastles with moats. Thankfully no one fell in the sea, though some of us had wet toes when we didn’t run away from the waves fast enough. We didn’t make it to Rosemarkie which was just as well as we had some very sleepy children!