Well done to Callum Watson, Calum MacLeod, Eve Matheson and Ellie Emmott for their success at the sports today.






LOCH INSH 28.5.18

Dear Parent/carer,


We trust you have dealt with the unpacking, washing and enjoyed hearing what we were up to last week on our brilliant Loch Insh adventure. It is a pleasure to say how well we participated in all the activities and made the most of the experiences offered. We worked together in our teams and gained a whole new skill set.  While we were all having such a great time, we hope you adjusted to the change in the family dynamics and didn’t feel the week too long!

Hopefully the week away has given your child a new level of self confidence which will help with their resilience in the future as they face other challenges  e.g. moving on to the Academy.

The staff at Loch Insh looked after us so well and we have all taken away some great memories. There are some items of Lost Property which will available for you to reclaim at the Open Morning on Friday 1 June 2018. We look forward to sharing our photos with you too.

The attitude, manners and behaviour of all the pupils was of a very high standard and we appreciate your support with this. Thanks are extended to the members of staff who came along to help make our week such a success.


Yours sincerely

Mrs M Murray and Miss L McLean

Week 2

Geography Visit

This week we had our third and final visit from Miss Baird, a geography teacher from the IRA. In this session we started to learn about volcanoes, discussing why they occur and the structure of the volcano; we even had a go at making our own models! WE would like to thank Miss Baird for giving up her time to come into Lochardil and some of us my even work with her after the summer.


Controversial Issues

This term out class topic is ‘Controversial Issues’; we will be exploring different local and global issues that we select as a class.

This week we were debating the issue around American Guns laws. We decided on our own view point, shared and listened to others; some of us found that our viewpoint changed as we spoke to other people.

Welcome Back!

Wow, what a busy term we have had already! Please see below for some of what we have already experienced in our last term of Primary 7.

Please see attached file for our termly overview for term 4; it’s going to be a busy 11 weeks!

P7 Curriculum Overview – Term 4

Our leavers hoodies arrive!

There was a wave of excitement across Primary 7 on Tuesday as the news spread that our long awaited leaves hoodies had arrived! All the bright colours look great and these will be a great item to take along to Loch Insh. Of course a new item of clothing meant a photo shoot! See our primary 7 pupils below modelling the new season leavers hoodie.

Christians Against Poverty

Over the last fortnight we have had two visits from Christians Against Poverty. They have been teaching us about how to manage our money to ensure we are getting value for money. We have been learning how to budget, how to spend within your means and how to manage our money when we are buying school lunches at the IRA.

Cairngorm National Park visitor

We had Mr Ferguson visit our class this Friday to talk about Cairngorm National Park. As we will be in the national park while at Loch Insh we thought it would be a great idea to learn about the area before our trip.

World War 2 visitor  

Last week we had a visit from a lady called Katherine who has a great knowledge and vast amount of artefacts from WW2. As a retired teacher she enjoys visiting schools and sharing her resources. We LOVED seeing all the real uniforms, objects and hearing stories from the time of the war; and dressing up of course!


Free School Meals Letter



Archive Centre Info letter 2018

Week 6 Overview

Geography Visitor

On Monday we had Miss Baird from the geography department in the IRA visit us for a second time. We were learning about the different symbols that can be found on a map and how to use a map using four figured references. We enjoyed our taster of things to come in secondary school and look forward to welcoming Miss Baird back next term.

Week 5 Overview

Internet Safety Day

Tuesday 6th of February was Internet Safety Day and we got involved in a number of activities to remind ourselves how to stay safe while online and how to use internet and social media responsibly. We looked at texts and decided whether these were “bullying or banter”, took a quiz to find out how influenced we are by what we see on social media and talked about the growing number of pressures experienced by young people as a result of technology.

Guitar with Martin O’Parka

This week we had our first session of guitar lessons with Martin. He will be visiting out school until Easter teaching us how to play guitar, and will return in the summer term for drumming lessons. We enjoyed getting to know him this Friday and all really enjoyed our first lesson!

Goodbye Lucy and Molly

On Thursday we had to say a very sad farewell to Lucy and Molly Armstrong. They are moving onto a new school and we wish them the best of luck in their new home and school. We will miss you both!

Week 4 Overview

Welcome Mrs Ross!

This week we welcomed Mrs Ross from the university of the Highlands and Islands into our class. She will be working with us for 5 weeks and has already been doing an amazing job of teaching us art.


This week we have been continuing with our WW2 topic. This week we began to learn about how and why children were evacuated from large cities and the experiences they had as an evacuee. We even had some real life evacuees in class to interview!

Book Appeal

We are settling in well into our new accommodation but have found ourselves missing having a library to choose from in class. I have been scouring charity shops for books and a big thank you to Callum Watson and family for their generous donations to our library. As you can see we are slowly building up our stock but we are asking if anyone has any age appropriate fiction or non-fiction texts gathering dust in their homes if they we consider donating these to our class library. Any donation will be very much appreciated.

LOCH INSH Information Booklet

Information Booklet – Parents Carers Jan 2018

Week 3 Overview


Our learning with Miss Barclay this term is gymnastics. We were delighted to be asked to help out the Primary 4s with their lesson. Don’t our displays look great!

Prayer Space

This week we had the opportunity to visit the Prayer Space. Room 12 was transformed into a fantastic space where we were given the opportunity to reflect or pray. The range of activities help us to focus on our thoughts; activities included using sand as a relaxation tool to writing a prayer for the world. We had a great time and want to thank all the volunteers who made the experience so great!

Rationing Recipes

As part of our WW2 topic we have been learning about rationing. We wanted to experience how it felt to have very little ingredients available so we decided to make cookies. As chocolate and sugar we in short supply during the war we used carrots as a natural sweetner in out recipe. We were pleasantly surprised with the results, although we won’t be swapping these for our normal cookies any time soon!

Loch Insh Meeting

Just a reminder that the Loch Insh information evening is on Tuesday 30th 6pm – 7pm. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

Term 3 Overview

Welcome back and happy new year!

Please see the link below for the overview for Term 3.

P7 Curriculum Overview – Term 3

Persuasive Writing – Why plastic straws should be banned

Below are some links to websites and articles to help get your started:




These 5 Marine Animals Are Dying Because of Our Plastic Trash … Here’s How We Can Help


We all enjoyed sharing our Happily Never After panto with you all. Thank you for all the support you gave us. The costumes and props were excellent and the effort and enthusiasm shown by all the pupils was fantastic. A great team effort as we used our variety of skills to bring the  performances together.


We all enjoyed sharing our Happily Never After panto with you all. Thank you for all the support you gave us. The costumes and props were excellent and the effort and enthusiasm shown by all the pupils was fantastic. A great team effort as we used our variety of skills to bring the  performances together.







OLYMPUS Panto Success


Christmas Party

If you wish to have pizza at the Christmas Party please bring in a pound before the night to secure your slice!

December Dates for the Diary

World of Work – Leaving at 9.15am for a 10am start

CHRISTMAS IRA TRANSITION CEILIDH Thurs 14th Dec 2017 1.40 pm – 2.50 pm approx

CHRISTMAS PARTY Tues 19th Dec 2017 7pm – 9 pm 

Week 6 Highlights

Books and Buns

This week the Primary One classes had their Books and Buns event; a time to share a book with a parent or carer. Out class were delighted to have been invited along to work with the classes and read with our buddies, Here are a few photos from our afternoon.

Police Scotland – Drugs Visit

Last term we spent a lot of time learning about substance misuse and the dangers that using drugs and alcohol can have on our health and wellbeing. To compliment this learning we had a visit from Police Scotland this week, who taught us more about the different drugs commonly found in Inverness and their dangers.

Parent Council Fundraiser  – Can you help?

Parent Council Coffee and Carols event. Saturday 9th December 2017 11.00am – 12.15 pm. Dining Hall. Glee Club are singing and there will be a raffle. Are any Pr 7’s free to come along and help at this event.? (Welcoming visitors/cleaning tables/teas and coffees etc)

Pr 7’s receive their Yearbook and spending money for Loch Insh from Parent Council funds. This would be a kind gesture to show our appreciation if  a few of us could come along to help. Give your names to your teachers. Thank you.

Week 2 Highlights

The Travelling Book Fair

This week P7B were given the responsibility of organising and running the Travelling Book Fair. We formed a fantastic team of pupils who worked together to promote the book fair, run a “Create Your Own Character” competition, as well as being in charge of running the book fair for the pupils during school time and at the end of the day.

The book fair was a great success thanks to the brilliant team work shown by those in the book fair team. They displayed good listening, organisational and money handing skills.

Thanks to their hard work and to all those who bought something from the book fair we have managed to raise over £500 for Lochardil to spend on new books for our school! Well done!

My World of Work – Space Junk

This Friday we had our second visit to Skills Development Scotland’s “My World of Work”. This session focused on programming robots to replicate how satellites navigate space debris. We are becoming quite the experienced computer programmers!

Term 2 Overview

P7 Curriculum Overview – Term 2

Writing for Week 2


We will be rewriting the story of “Francis”. You will be trying to create tensions through the use of; metaphors and similes, short sentences and ellipsis.

Term 2 – Week 1 Highlights

It was lovely to welcome everyone back to a new term this week, all fully rested and raring to go for another term!

Fancy Dress Disco

We have been working incredibly hard over the last few weeks in school to organise our annual fancy dress disco. The quality and hard work put into the stalls was amazing and it was clear that everyone who attended had a great time! We had everything from nail painting, blind tasting to fortune tellers. Well done to DJ’s for the night who really got the party started and organised some great games for the pupils.

A big thank you to all parents and carers for your support in helping with stalls, etc and to the staff that were able to help on the night; we cannot do these things without the continued support.

We are delighted to announce that P7 managed to raise £850! A big thank you to everyone who attended the disco and supported P7; we were so impressed with the effort everyone made with their costumes!


Just a wee reminder of the opening morning happening on Tuesday 3rd October. WE are focusing on writing and it will be a great opportunity to have a look at your child’s work and enjoy doing some writing together. We hope to see many of you there!

Writing for 3/10/17

Conclusion Help Sheet  – WRITING A GOOD CONCLUSION

Discursive Planning Template – Discursive Essay Plan

Useful links for research:





Week 7 Highlights

Hopscotch Theatre

On Monday we watched a great performance from Hopscotch Theatre based on the UNCRC Rights of The Child. It helped to remind us how lucky we are to be protected by these rights, and showed us what could happen if these rights were removed.

We learnt through a very catchy song that we all have the right to be:

Safe  Healthy  Active  Nurtured  Achieving  Respected  Responsible  Included

STEM Hub Sphero Workshop

On Thursday we visited the STEM Hub at the UHI to learn how to code and programme robotic spheres. We learnt how important it was to give computer clear and detailed instructions, and how easily it can go wrong!

We began by programming the robot to preform simple tasks such as going forwards and backwards; we progressed to more complicated movements as the morning went on. We then had to design a chariot for our Sphero and race them to see which design what the most effective in terms of speed. We had a fantastic morning!

Week 6 Highlights

P7B “McCoos”

This week we have been working on designing Highland Cows inspired by famous Scottish artist, Steve Brown, well loved McCoo design! We created a Scottish landscape background using coloured pencil and made our McCoos vibrant and bright using oil pastels. Here’s a selection of the finished results; don’t they look fabulous!

IRA Tour

We were made very welcome today at the IRA and enjoyed seeing round the school. Our sixth year guides were helpful and we spotted some familiar ex Lochardil faces around the place since they didn’t get out on their Sponsored Walk. We look forward to meeting Mr Fyffe and some of the older pupils for  a question and answer session next term. We are going to be part of the largest year group the IRA have ever had – just like our time at Lochardil. Good to keep the record breaking going!







Writing for next week

To extend our learning around alcohol, our writing next week will be a discursive essay on the topic:

Should the legal drinking age in the UK be lowered to 16?

You should plan you essay over the long weekend on the planning sheet provided; if you have lost this please click the link below for an extra copy.

Discursive Essay Plan

Kirking of the Council 10.9.17

A big thank you to all our House and Vice Captains who came along to support this important event. The Kirking is a blessing given to the city and Council. The tradition goes back hundreds of years and involves a procession around the town and  service at the Old High Church. There was a reception at the Town House after. We proudly flew the school flag and enjoyed being photographed and filmed by lots of interested by standers!

It was also good to see Jack, James and Callum there representing other youth organisations in the city.












Skills Development Scotland – DIY Coding 

On Friday we visited the Skills Development Scotland centre to take part in our first workshop with them – DIY Coding.

Our job was to code a light panel to create our own moving light pictures; we came up with lots of creative ideas such as a bottle flip and a disco dancer. We thoroughly enjoyed our tip and look forward to visiting SDS again in November for out “Space Junk” workshop.

Pop Art anti-smoking pictures

We have been learning all about the health risks that smoking can bring and how detrimental it can be. We wanted to encourage people not too smoke so designed Pop Art inspired pictures to communicate our message. We used oil pastels in bright colours to create out eye catching artwork!

Well Done Callum!

And finally, congratulations to Callum who recently won 2 trophies for cricket. Well done!


Smoking Experiment

On Monday we conducted an experiment to find out what happens to the tar in cigarettes when you smoke them and to look at any differences between different brands of cigarettes. Although we were disappointed that the experiment didn’t work as well as we would have hoped, we did find that the tar collected in the cotton wool and that different brands differ in the amount of tar they have.

First Aid Training

On Thursday afternoon we had a visit from Kristy who works for the British Red Cross. She taught us how to respond in emergency situations and how to give CPR; we particularly enjoyed giving CPR to the rhythm of “Staying Alive”! We received a certificate for the class to recognize the training that we have completed.

Reading to Our Buddies

On Friday afternoon we were invited to go and visit our buddies in Primary 1. We shared a story with them and enjoyed spending time with them all, which was lovely end to our week!

Writing – 21/08/17

Below is the link for the clip “The Black Hole” that we watched in class.

This week we are staying imaginative writing and your task for this week is to either continue the story, or write your own story involving a black hole. Remember we are focusing on ambitious connective and descriptive language.

Curriculum Overview – Term 1 

Please click below for this term’s overview of learning, routines and relevant information for the year ahead.

P7 Curriculum Overview – Term 1


It was lovely to see everyone back to school this week feeling rested and raring to go for the year ahead!

This week we have been very busy being buddies to our new Primary 1s. The praise for the maturity and responsibility shown, and the good example that we have been setting for our littlest learners has been pouring in from both staff and pupils, so a big well done to all the Primary 7s!

This week we have been settling into our new routines (and our new temporary home) and having some fun at the beginning of our P7 experience!

Well done to Adnan who was our first “Star of the Week”, and to Niamh, Aimee, Lucy, Adela and Cora as their table won “Table of the Week”!

Please keep checking the blog for regular updates and information regarding class events, etc.

In the meantime have a look at some pictures from the first week!

Miss McLean

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