Modern Languages 

On Thursday Julia and Sara took over the teacher role and spent part of the morning teaching the class Polish. We learnt how to say hello, how are you as well as a range of colours and some foods. The girls did a fantastic job and even assessed the class with a game of two step at the end.

Dobze dziewczyny!

Primary 5/6 had so much fun on our trip to Urquhart castle on Wednesday. The Jacobite Cruise was fantastic and highlighted lots of interesting facts and information about Loch Ness. We enjoyed the object handling session at the Tourist Centre before exploring Urquhart Castle ourselves.

We also had lots of fun down at Bellfield Park for the summer tennis tournament.

Health and Wellbeing

Pupils in Primary 5/6 have been creating their very own Learning Pits with reference to an area or subject they have been finding particularly challenging. The learning pit shows the progression of facing a new challenge through having a go, problem solving, entering deep learning and finally – successful learning. It helps children to break down and identify the importance of using a growth mind set to support the idea that challenge can lead to enhanced learning.

The secret to the learning pit – everyone is able to achieve, the secret to doing so is simple, hard work.


Open Morning

On Friday 1st of June there is an Open Morning from 9:15am-10:00am, everyone is welcome to come along.


As part of our “Hidden World” topic the class have spent the last two weeks exploring the difference between invertebrates and vertebrates. Today we took our learning outside in order to build our very own “bug hotels”. The bug hotels were designed with the aim of encouraging a range of invertebrates into our school garden.

I am incredibly impressed with each group’s invention – all pupils’ worked so well together cooperatively and it was excellent to see their creations in such a short period of time. Superb effort from everyone, well done.

Congratulations to James, Ruairidh, Henry, Alice and Abi B who won the competition for “Best Bug Hotel”!

Term 4 – Week 6 

Dear Parents/Carers of Pupils in P5/6

As you may be aware Miss Marshall will not be in class from Monday 21st to Friday 25th May inclusive.  She will be away supporting the Primary 7 pupils and teachers on their residential trip to Loch Insh.

Miss Marshall has planned the week to ensure continuity of learning for her pupils. Supply cover has been arranged for the class in her absence.

Star of the Month!

Well done to James Knight who is our class Star of the Month. James was nominated by his peers for being a kind and caring friend. He is always willing to support others and offers his help in hand whenever necessary. Well done James.

Term 4 – Week 4

Today in literacy we used our sense of smell to help us create a poem. In order to introduce the activity the class participated in a “What’s That Smell” competition. We then used our discussion of our favourite and least favourite smells to create a poem which described the smell as a person, experience or room. With fish sauce and camembert two of the ingredients in our competition the facial expressions were a delight to see!

Mrs Kellacher has made the decision to cancel the visit to Drummond School this afternoon as there is insufficient supervision to attend. If you are able to supervise the visit next Friday on the 11th May, could you please let me know as soon as possible?

Term 4 – Week 2

Learning and Teaching Overview

Attached is the Learning and Teaching Overview for term 4. Learning and Teaching Overview


P.6 are starting their Bikeability training on Thursday 3rd of May for a 6 week block. Letters were sent out today with more information.

Personal Achievement  

Ross Macleod entered the Easter Art Competition at Christian Culduthel Church and achieved the first place prize!! Fantastic work Ross. Everyone in Primary 5/6 is very impressed with your art, well done.

Health and Wellbeing

This week in Health and Wellbeing we used drama to help us unpack an emotional situation. The class identified 6 prominent scenarios from our class novel “Holes” and within their table groups they were given 15 minutes to create a re-enactment of the scene. Each group performed their re-enactment to another group before completing a four-part cog model to depict the feelings, triggers, body sensations and behaviours displayed within the scenario.




This week in Literacy we focused on poetry and the associated techniques. We used Roger Stevens “Teacher, Teacher” as a stimulus to create our own poem that concentrated on rhyme to create memorable sounds.

On Friday we linked our poem focus with French – with a concentration on the French poem “La Semaine De Petite Souris”. After translating the poem into English each table group had the opportunity to edit and adapt the poem using their French knowledge.The groups then presented their new French poem to the class – well done for fantastic presentation skills as always.

Term 4 – Week 1 

Welcome back to term 4! P.5/6 have had a very busy first week back. We started off the week with a maths and writing assessment, as always a huge well done to each pupil for giving their best. I am continually proud to see all the progress they have made.

As a reward for all the hard work we decided to celebrate the nice weather by taking part in our first mile run of the new term. As always, fantastic effort from all, it’s great to see such enthusiasm for exercise across the class.

Help Wanted

On Thursday we decided to update our job roles for our ‘Help Wanted’ display – we decided to keep four of the job roles and we’ve introduced two new roles for the class “board manager” and “chair stacker”. The class really enjoy having their own jobs to complete during the week and the responsibility they show throughout is great to see.

Global Goal 4 – Quality Education

Global Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities

Article 12 – Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.


Every year millions of people, business and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights and make noise for Earth Hour movement. This year it is happening on Saturday the 24th of March and Primary 5/6 want you to join in! We spent time today discussing the greenhouse effect and identifying actions we can take to help. Each individual created their own “Earth Hour” card, to remind, explain and encourage you to take part in this great event!

Doing your bit for the planet

Might seem an effort (or a pain)

But ask yourself, is this a pace

That we can possibly sustain?

Has this made you worried?

Under the collar are you hot?

Let’s hope so, as Mother Earth

Is the only one we’ve got.

M F Cowan

MacRobert Cup

Well done to all Primary 5/6 pupils who competed in the MacRobert Cup today! A special congratulations to Michael Miller who came first place in the Primary 4/5 race, great work Michael! Well done to Ross and Sam, whose team won the gold medal in the team competition for Primary 6/7, well done boys!

Scottish Opera

Huge well done to each and every single pupil in Primary 5/6 who took part in the Scottish Opera performance of “Dragons of the Western Sea” on Wednesday 14th March. You all dedicated so much time and effort to learning the songs and your commitment to the performance as fantastic. I am so proud of each of you, you’re all stars!!

Here is a selection of photos from the show, the class had lots of fun sorting through them all and trying to identify themselves in their funny outfits, I hope you enjoy.

Parent Helpers Required

We are still looking for parent helpers to assist the P.6 visits to Drummond School. We are looking for one helper for Friday the 16th of March and another for Friday the 23rd of March. The pupils will leave the school at 1:15pm and arrive back at 2:30pm. If you are able to help please get in contact through children’s purple homework diary or the school contact number. Thanks again for your continuous support for trips.

Open Afternoon

On Tuesday 20th March 2018 from 3-4 pm, parents/carers and children are invited to look at the corridor displays in school as part of our Global Goals and Rights of the Child Work. The wall displays are based on themes from our book studies.

Well done Abi!

Huge congratulations to Abigail Barrie who competed in the Highland  Badminton Championships on Friday the 9th of March. Abi placed third place in the doubles competition, alongside Laura from Primary 7, and a fantastic second place in singles! Abi and Laura have now qualified for the Scottish Heats which will take place sometime in May, great work girls.

Health and Wellbeing

As part of our friendship focus the class participated in an activity called “musical friends”. This activity portrays a friendly version of musical chairs where everyone wins! Instead of taking away a char and getting a child to sit out, only the chairs were removed. By the end of the game, the whole class had to cooperate to fit on just two chairs. The class had lots of fun playing this game (as I’m sure P.5 next door would agree!) but it also lead to a very successful and in depth circle time. We discussed the learning and skills identified in the process of playing the game: trust, communication, respect and teamwork to name a few.

Bible Alive

Today was our last week in the block of Bible Alive, P.5/6 have enjoyed their journey through the story of the Bible and the activities the accompanied the learning.

Drummond School Visit

On Friday the 9th of March, 8 P.6 pupils will be attending Drummond School in the afternoon. We are looking for parent helpers to accompany, if you are able to help please get in touch.

World Book Day 2018

Primary 5/6 were lucky enough to attend a workshop by Barbara Henderson, a children’s author from Inverness. During the workshop Barbara discussed the storyline of how she came about the idea for her two novels and also read us the first chapter from the book ‘Punch’. As well as the presentation some pupils were lucky enough to take part in a puppet show. Well done to Henry Leitch, who won the puppet show with his loudest scream!!

In the classroom we travelled the tables in our table groups and annotated different sheets highlighting; brilliant books, awesome authors, genres, recommendations, styles of writing and what makes a good book. Attached are pictures from each table’s home piece of paper with further details from the information gathered.

Primary 5/6 are a class who absolutely adore reading and today as a class we managed to read a grand total of 520 minutes!

We went back to the assembly hall in the afternoon where Ava and Henry took part in “blind date for reading”.Within the game there were four contestants, a chooser and three others. The chooser was not able to see the four contestants or their chosen books, they simply had to ask questions and base their decision upon the quality of the answers provided by the contestants. The chooser then chose his favourite book from the selected three to be the winner.

Barabara Henderson was so enthusiastic and we are so pleased we had the pleasure of her visit to Lochardil Primary School.


Safer Internet Day 2018

This afternoon in class we went through different online scenarios and discussed how they might make us feel. We identified that everyone deals with things differently and it is therefore essential we are always careful and think about what we say. We then created jigsaw puzzle pieces to show if we work together and share our knowledge we can build a safer internet for everyone!

Open Evening

This evening at 7pm in the hall there is going to be a Family Learning evening “Online Safety” in partnership with NSPCC and 02. All parents and carers are more than welcome to attend to learn more about supporting children to stay safe online.

Attached is a link to a website that will allow you to become more involved in your ‘online child’.

A hard copy of the toolkit is available to download on the website.

Digital Resilience Toolkit: 6 – 10 year olds



Huge well done to Alice Sillars who has only been to three skiing lessons and has already passed her green zone ski award and has now moved onto the blue zone. Great work Alice.

Well done to all our gymnasts who took part in the Highland Regionals Competition at the Aquedome on Sunday. Beth, Laura and Sara represented the Lochardil team from P.5/6. It was an amazing day and I am very proud of each and every member of the gymnastics team who all performed to the best of their ability and should be so pleased with their hard work and effort throughout training.

Burns Supper

On Thursday afternoon we had our very own “Burns Supper”.

Jake, Ruairidh, Henry and Michael “piped” in the guests.

We then had a fantastic afternoon filled with a range of excellent entertainment.

Abigail T, Imogen, Chloe and Alice then wowed us with a fabulous Highland Dancing Routine.


In order to learn more about Burns and why we still celebrate his life to this day Beth, Sara, Katherine, Laura, Ciara and Ross shared some facts with us. A special well done to Ross who not only performed solely he also learnt the facts verbatim and needed no help from his sheet!

Last but not least we had three groups who delivered a famous Burns poem to the class.

Michael, Henry, Toryn, Ellis and Sam

Ava, James, Julia and Abi B

and last but not least, Chelsie, Josh, Douglas, Ruairidh and Jake.



In order to consolidate the learning of length there was a selection of activities which the maths groups rotated round. Miss Marshall played “Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire” with one group at a time, Henry was very excited by the prize as the photo depicts.

Well done to the Ovals group who managed to reach the end with most answering all questions correctly.

Prayer Space

On Thursday we had a chance to work on lots of different prayer space activities. P.5/6 loved the range of activities and they were very engaged at each different station, well done.


This afternoon we watched Lochardil Gymnastics Team in the hall practice their routines and vaults in preparation for the Highland Competition at the start of February. Well done to all involved but a special well done to Sara, Beth and Laura from P.5/6 we were very impressed with your routines. We wish you all the best! 

Bible Alive

P.5/6 are into their second week of the Bible Alive programme which is a series of interactive lessons that aims to teach the children the whole story line of the bible. It has been designed to contribute to the experiences and outcomes in the RME section of the Curriculum for Excellence. Bible Alive uses story-telling, drama and activities to bring the Bible to life. It is held together by Rhyme & Sign, a set of ten rhyming couplets which recap the story of the Bible, accompanied by British Sign Language signs.

Learning and Teaching Overview

Attached is the Learning and Teaching Overview for Term 3.

Learning and Teaching Overview

Tennis Tournament

We had lots of fun last Friday at Tennis Tournament, well done to everyone involved.


On Friday we created our very own Picasso drawings. In order to reflect the collage effect of Picasso’s art the class had different eyes/head/mouth/nose to choose from and a roll of the dice decided their luck. We were all very impressed with the final pictures, great effort from all. Jake managed to finish his art quickly so he travelled the classroom and took “selfies” with our young Picassos!


I hope you all enjoyed your break.

Please don’t forget a packed lunch for Friday as we have a Tennis Tournament in the afternoon and will be leaving school at 12:10pm.

New Year Activities

We have spent some time this week focusing on New Year’s Resolutions and the reason behind creating such goals. We followed this discussion with a ‘snowballing’ activity, where the children threw a crumpled piece of paper on which they had written their New Year’s Resolution in order to share ideas and thoughts. An activity the class seemed to thoroughly enjoy!

We followed this up on Tuesday by planning and compiling our own list of New Year’s Resolutions onto stars ready to display in the classroom. I am so impressed with the variety of goals and targets and it’s lovely to hear about everyone’s achievements and hobbies outside the classroom as well as academic goals within!


I adopted a Polar Bear from WWF as part of P.5/6 Christmas Present. We got a special delivery on Thursday with information about how our money will help and we also received a little toy Polar Bear to have in our own classroom. The class have decided to call him Dave.. 🙂

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Lovely New Year! Enjoy the Holidays.

Christmas Parties

Both Primary 5 and Primary 6 and lots of fun at their parties on Monday. It was so lovely to see everyone dressed up and thank you so much for all your kind food donations!

Term 2 – Week 8 highlights


As part of our Sea Life and Shipwrecks topic this term the class delved into the world of pirates. P.5/6 then used this information to create their very own bounty posters. I am very impressed with the information and knowledge they have accurately used within their posters!


This week P.5/6 have focused on data handling within mathematics. We spent time at the start of the week learning how to accurately interpret data from a variety of graphs. On Thursday the class spent time analysing pro’s and cons of different types of data collection methods and then created their own surveys in groups to gather data about a chosen topic.

On Friday the class traveled around school to different classes to gather the data for their survey. We plan on collating the data and displaying it in a form of their choice at the beginning of next week.

Star Pupil of the Month 

P.5/6 Star of the Month is Henry Leitch. A huge well done to Henry, he consistently works very hard during all tasks and has a really positive attitude toward learning. Henry is kind to everyone within the class and always positive and helpful. 

Parent Helpers Required!

On Thursday the 21st the whole school are walking to Culduthel Community Centre for the end of term Christian Service. P.5/6 are looking for two parent helpers who are free from 9:30am to walk with us to the service.


Thank you so much to every single pupil in P.5/6 who completed their homework and designed and created their own home-made boat. I am so delighted with the effort that was made from every individual, they look absolutely fantastic. On Tuesday we engaged in an experiment to see which boats would last the longest floating and some were even tested by waves and storms (well, nearly) and I was incredibly impressed at the durability of each and every one. You should all be very pleased. We took this learning forward by concentrating in the afternoon on density and the impact this has on floating and sinking.

A few children decided to take their boats home but here’s a selection of ones we had left!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Term 2 – Week 7 highlights

Macduff Aquarium

Our class trip to Macduff Aquarium was hugely successful, well done P.5/6. On arrival we were introduced to our tour guide Robbie who showed us around the aquarium and took us through the learning programme “Seashore to Seafloor”. As we traveled the aquarium we were learning about the variety of underwater habitats and the abilities of different species to adapt to their environments. The class took a voyage through the underwater habitats from coasts, rocky shores, down to the sea floor. We were introduced to the challenges that plants and animals face living in this environment and spent some time focusing on the effects of rubbish on marine life. The discussion identified links to our learning in class through the Global Goal “Life Below Water” which focuses on conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

P.5/6 all worked really hard on their listening skills yesterday and I am so pleased with the knowledge and facts they have taken away from the trip, well done!!

We then went on to the touch pools where the class had the opportunity to touch star fish, hermit crabs and a spider crab too, they were all very brave!

Parent/Carers Open Session

Reminder that there is an Open Afternoon this Thursday from 2:00-2:45pm.

Term 2 – Week 5 highlights

School Trip

A letter went home on Thursday with details of the upcoming school trip. On Monday 4th of December P.5/6 will be travelling to Macduff Marine Aquarium to participate in a guided tour, a session at the touch pools and engagement in the learning programme “Seashore to Seafloor”. The trip cost is £12.50 which is to be handed in by Friday 1st December.

Reading Buddies

As result of Road Safety Week P. 5/6 visited P.2a on Thursday to share the book “Ziggy and Maggie Start School” with the aims of discussing and exploring how to keep safe on the roads. We had extremely positive feedback both from the pupils from 5/6 and 2a (as well as the teachers) so a huge congratulations to all of those involved!


Last week P.5/6 were introduced to the fishing industry within Scotland and they spent some time reading and analysing information in order to come to a reasoned decision on whether they were for or against the motion “Fishing in Scotland should be allowed”. On Tuesday afternoon the class was split into groups and each group debated the motion. The intentions of the debate were to: show respectful listening gestures respond appropriately to the opinions and others and analyse and evaluate information in order to come to a reasoned decision. I was incredibly impressed with the effort and engagement throughout the debate by every pupil, well done!!

Topic Homework went home this afternoon – can you ensure all pupils have the note with explanation of task.

Term 2 – Week 4 highlights

Star of the Month

Huge congratulations to Ava Inglis for being P.5/6 Star Pupil of the Month! Ava is a hardworking and determined pupil who continuously supports others within the class by offering a help in hand or spares her time to cheer them up, well done Ava!

Numeracy and Mathematics

The class have delved into the topic of fractions this week, starting on Monday with an exploration into different fractions using Skittles, Paper Pizzas and Trivial Pursuit Pies! The week progressed and the class have been working incredibly hard to increase their knowledge of fractions, looking both at equivalent fractions and finding fraction of whole numbers.


P.5/6 were lucky enough to be part of the Into Film Festival and we traveled to Vue Cinema on Tuesday to watch “Sing”. The class spent time today creating a Review for the Film, concentrating on our reciprocal reading role of summarising and using personal opinions to create an analysis of the film.

Learning and Teaching Overview

Attached is the Learning and Teaching Overview for Term 2. The overview shares learning expectations, routines and relevant information for P.5/6. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Learning and Teaching Overview – Term 2

Term 2 – Week 2

A huge thank you to Ruairidh Stirling’s grandfather who sent us a cocoa pod all the way over from Sri Lanka! The class were delighted to be able to see with their own eyes what a cocoa pod looks, feels and smells like. We were surprised at the size of the cocoa pod and the smell is not what we anticipated, some pupils thought it smelt like watermelon! P.5/6 are extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to explore the cocoa pod for ourselves, we just wish we had the correct climate to go through the bean to bar process in the classroom!

Term 2 – Week 1 highlights.

Welcome back!

The children have had a great first week back and it was lovely to hear all their exciting news from the holiday! 

Health and Wellbeing

On Thursday afternoon we spent some time talking about lots of different emotions and how these emotions make us feel. We created a piece of artwork based on these different emotions – can you guess which group had which emotion?? Following this task we engaged in circle time where we discussed the best strategies and coping mechanisms to help us deal with these emotions appropriately.

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we have spent time consolidating our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape through practical activities and exploring recycling to help us identify the correct nets for different shapes. The class have displayed excellent knowledge surrounding the properties and facts of all the different shapes and I am very impressed, well done!


Further to our writing sent home with the learning conversations we have started another piece of imaginative writing – What I wish I had done on my holidays! We’ve been concentrating on story structure with an emphasis on correct use of paragraphs to assist our development in the story. I look forward to reading the finished product as P.5/6 are full of fabulous ideas to make these stories exciting.

Term 1 – Week 8.

Chocolate Tasting! 

To complete our chocolate topic P.5/6 spent some time tasting a variety of different chocolates with the intention of identifying the correct colour and flavour. I was very impressed with their efforts and all individuals managed to successfully identify at least half of the flavours, great work. Miss Marshall and my two willing helpers, Alice and Imogen, had a great laugh watching the class taste the different flavours, lots of interesting facial expressions were made! The chilli chocolate, despite the pictures, was very popular! 

Parent/carers Open Session

You are invited to our Open Morning on Tuesday 3rd October from 11:00-11:45am. All parents/carers are very welcome to visit our classroom and it would be lovely to see you to share p.5/6 learning so far!

Term 1 – Week 7 Highlights. 


During Listening and Talking we are learning how to show respect for the views and opinions of others. In class we ordered a variety of chocolate bars from our ‘favourite’ to our ‘least favourite’. Following this we found a partner and shared our choices, concentrating on making respectful comments in response to others opinions. Each individual then created a word bank of sentences or phrases they might use to value and respect the opinions of others- thinking carefully about how you might politely disagree!


During Science with Miss Ross this week the class made up their own dance to demonstrate each step of the digestive system to traditional Scottish music. Excellent participation from all pupils, well done!

Term 1 – Week 5 Highlights. 

Star Pupil

A huge well done to Chloe Watt who got Star Pupil of Primary 5/6 this month. Chloe received the award for her determined attitude across all subjects. Chloe is always willing to give it a go and has really been using her growth mind-set, well done!

Daily Weekly Mile

Well done to P. 5/6 for getting off to a fantastic start completing our Friday mile, the class managed to run/jog/walk the sports field 7 times! Special thanks to Toryn for being the class photographer, a job Miss Marshall is yet to master.

Term 1 – Week 4 Highlights. 

Spelling Success 

A huge well done to everyone in P.5/6 for their best efforts in the spelling quiz this week. Everyone who completed their spelling homework achieved 10/10 in the quiz today, well done!


This week we have been exploring the journey of chocolate from bean to bar. Different groups learnt different stages of the process before presenting their information to the class. Excellent presentation skills from all involved!


The class should be very proud of their paintings created on Wednesday with Miss MacDonald. They all look great! The class used inspiration from Scottish Artist Steven Brown to create their colorful and imaginary pieces.

Learning and teaching Overview

Attached is the P.5/6 Overview which aims to share information, daily routines and expectations for learning in Term 1. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Learning and Teaching Overview


Welcome to Primary 5/6!

We’ve had a great first week spending lots of time getting to know our new classmates. It was lovely to watch the class share personal items brought from home to help them get to know each other.

P.5/6 have a PE slot on Monday with the specialist teacher, outside kit is necessary. 








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